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Mosaic Christian Church, near Baltimore, MD just celebrated the baptism of a man named James. Wahoo, James!

James was recently released from prison but is on probation, so he is still under house arrest. He wore an ankle monitor in the baptistry, as the only two places he’s allowed to be with his wife are in counseling or at church. James discovered the gospel of Jesus while in prison and the first thing he did when he got out was find a good church to get plugged into with his wife. He had heard of Mosaic’s reputation as a place where it is “Ok to be broken,” so he decided to give it a shot and was baptized just a few weeks later. 

From Mosaic’s Pastor, Jonathan Moynihan: “It was a joy celebrating someone who clearly still had their past in the rearview mirror, but someone who is clinging to the grace of Jesus and his new identity in Christ, instead of an identity rooted in a conviction. When James came up out of the water, the place went nuts!” 

Thank you for helping us to be able to partner with Waypoint to make amazing Kingdom impact such as displayed in the life of James and ministry happening at Mosaic Christian Church! 


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