Get connected. Build meaningful friendships. Go and make disciples.


Community is what helps build and strengthen the body of Christ. We should gather not only on Sunday to worship and give glory to our Father, but gathering throughout the week invites each other into our lives and helps build a solid community and fellowship that defines what Christ is all about.

Please consider attending one of our Small Groups. They are co-ed gatherings of a handful of people where we dig into the Word, recent messages, and sometimes just play games and have fellowship. Below, you will find a brief description of when our Small Groups meet, and below that, there is a form you can fill out to let us know you are interested in joining a Small Group.

(**Note: if you do not attend any small groups regularly, feel free to "try them out." You are more than welcome to come, check it out, try another, and find the perfect fit. We're here to help each other grow, not to force any one person into a group that may or may not be the best fit.)

Small Group Summaries:

Every-other Tuesday 6pm: Adam and Laura lead this small group at their home in Zuni. This group is mainly middle-aged with children from 3-12yo gathering over a meal to share in fellowship. Anyone and kids of all ages are welcome.

Every Tuesday 630pm: Travis and Jennifer Williford lead this small group at their home in downtown Suffolk. This group's age spans from 18-60yo, and most have teenage children. Needless to say, it's a roaring good time, and all are welcome. There is usually no meal provided.

Every-other Tuesday 7pm: Troy and Marty lead this small group, hosted by Butch and Trish in Carrollton. Most of the attendees no longer have young children, are of late-middle to retirement age, but all are welcome and encouraged, as we here at Celebration encourage different generations to fellowship together. This is a wholesome group that gathers over light snacks in love and quirky fun. How can it not be, with these four taking the lead?!

Every Wednesday 6-8pm: The Tanners lead this weekly small group, hosted by the Quinatas, in rural Suffolk. Some attendees have children, some don't, most are young-middle age, and, as always, all are welcome. These are go-with-the-flow folks, so sometimes there's food, and sometimes there's not, but you're liable to have a great time regardless! (Zach kind of guarantees it, if you know 'im!)

Every-other Thursday 630-830pm: Kenny and Joanna lead this small group at their home in Zuni (closer to Windsor). They have four kids ranging from 8-16yo, but kids of all ages are welcome, and they know their large, hairy golden retriever Pacha will welcome you warmly. They usually have some yummy snack prepared, and encourage others to bring one as well. This is a laid-back group of median age, and you can count on there usually being a little too-much laughter involved.

Every-other Thursday 630pm: Bible Babes (see link below). All ladies are welcome at Susan Hoffman's house in rural Suffolk for this fun, women-only gathering. All I call say is, as Susan says, "What happens at Bible Babes, stays at Bible Babes!"

Every 1st & 3rd Thursday 530pm: DePaula Ellis leads this small group of retirees (55+) off Crittenden, hosted by Janice Foster. Childcare will be provided should younger adults attend (and are more than welcome and encouraged; remember, this is a church that spans the age gaps!), and there is usually a light meal as they gather to learn more about our Lord.

Every-other Saturday at 10am: Women's Group. Join the ladies of Celebration every-other Saturday at 10am at the church for a Biblically-led fellowship as we dig into the Word and learn how to be a Godly woman into today's secular world. Group rotates various studies throughout the year.

Every-other Saturday at 7:30am: Men's Group. Had to show up the women by getting up super early. Also held at the church. Men, join other Godly brothers over breakfast and dip into God's Word and how to apply it to daily life as we wrestle with our calling as providers, lovers, and defenders of those we hold dear, in a way that honors the God who made us.

Every-other Sunday at 6-730pm: Calling all New-Adults (ages 17-23ish)! This Bible study is just for you. It's tricky going from student to college to adult and everywhere in-between. Join others of the same age with the same struggles in a study built to support you, who you are, and who God is calling you to be...and how to figure all that mess out.

Sundays immediately after church: XT (see link below). Extra Time. Stay after the sermon every Sunday as lead this small group into a deeper look into the Word.


Really want to dig into the community here at Celebration? Below are some OTHER groups that gather throughout the year as well (click on the group pages below for additional details). These additional gatherings come and go throughout the year, so check back regularly to see if there are any new groups and Bible studies you'd like to attend.

We love gathering in regular fellowship with you all outside of our worship on Sundays! Thank you for demonstrating what it means to be a part of the Body of Christ. God bless you, and we love you!