Community Dinner

Every First Friday in December-March

Since the annual Nightstay event for CAPS (Coalition Against Poverty in Suffolk) will not be taking place this year, CAPS is offering help in a different way.

Area churches will be providing food Friday nights for community dinners open to all in the community. The dinners will be held at the CAPS location in downtown Suffolk, and anyone is welcome.

Celebration will be providing the meals for the first Friday of each month December through March. This will include a hot dinner that night as well as bags of breakfast and lunch for the next day. All food must be prepared and delivered to the church no later than 3pm those Fridays. We will prepare to feed 40 people. Small Groups will sign up to lead the donations each First Friday.

This will be a church wide effort as we will need people to provide food, help, and fellowship for the poor and impoverished, as is one of our calls as Followers of Christ. Please sign up here and contact Deborah Waters (ask for number) to let her know what you're donating. Thank you so much for partnering with us to care for our fellow man, and again: please have all meals and provisions to the church no later than 3pm on those first Fridays.