CCYC Teen Weekend Event

Feb 16-18, Winston-Salem, NC

CCYC (Carolina Christian Youth Convention) is a weekend event from Feb 16th-Feb 18th in Winston-Salem, NC, that brings encouragement to teens as they seek, explore their faith, what it means to follow Christ, and how to apply it to their lives. It is an amazing chance to support, honor, and get to know our teens and help them navigate this world. Plus, it's fun!

Conference cost is $88 plus hotel fees (about $150 total). We'd like to register BEFORE NOVEMBER 1ST, so please let Laura know if you/your teens would like to go. (We could also use some chaperones, so if able and willing, please also let Laura know this as well!)

We're looking forward to building up this next generation, and living what it means to be an inter-generational church!

To dig a little more into the conference itself, check it out here. (*If you desire to register, please check with Laura before doing so, as we will be trying to register as a group, if possible.*)