Camp Rudolph

Local mission providing retreats and camps.

Camp Rudolph exists to make disciples through encounters with God in His creation. They do this through the study of God’s Word, fellowship with believers and recreation in a wooded setting. Camp Rudolph holds summer camps as well as retreats.

This list of core values is what is sought after in teaching students at Camp Rudolph:

• Respect – teaching campers to respect God, their leaders, and each other

• Focus – minimizing distractions to focus on God’s Word

• Life Principles – making these both practical and Biblical

• Mentoring – discipleship in Christ

• Values – helping campers find the most important things in life

• Integrity – being honest even when no one is watching

• Safety – adhering to common sense and health and safety rules


There are several upcoming retreats and events you can enjoy and bring friends! See image below for the dates. (Zach is deaning the high-school week!)

Go to for more information on retreats or to give.